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A healthy start to life is the birth right of every child. Especially, the first five years, as it ensures that both the child and mother get a nourishing, fulfilling and disease free life. But sadly the reality is far from being perfect. The truth is, growing up healthy continues to be a distant dream for thousands of children.

The plan is to change this. To make sure that 2,81,045 children across CRY-supported projects get to live a healthy life. Your participation is imperative. All you have to do is support and take part in the Get Healthy + Give Healthy initiative. And give children a healthy, happy and fulfilling childhood.     

Support. Participate. Start a Campaign
The CRY Get Healthy + Give Healthy initiative aims to provide children with the right start to life so that they can have a better childhood. 

Start by Participating. It’s simple. 

1. Click on Start A Campaign 

2. Give your project a title [eg. 10kgs for children / Health for children / Healthy Child] 

3. Fill in your contact details and goal [eg. Lose 20 Kgs and raise 50,000 Rs]

4.  Set a time frame [eg.30/12/2015]

5. Get a url address [Ketto.org/yourname or anything you like]

6. A short description [eg. Your goal / plan of action / motivation]

7. Upload photos and video 

8. A short description about yourself [Talk about yourself / the cause / fund generation] 

9. And submit. 

• Once created, share the URL on your facebook, twitter and whatsapp page. 

• Tag and share it with your friends. 

• Post your progress and seek donation for every kilo or gram you lose. 

• The more weight you lose. Higher the donation you collect. 


There are 138 million children in India in the age group of 0 to 5. And a nearly half of then are deprived of a healthy childhood. 

• 80% of children, under the age of 3 are anemic.

• 45.9% of children, under the age of 3 are underweight.

• Only 44% of children of 12-23 months are fully immunised against the six major preventable diseases.

• 1 million infants die before reaching their first birthday.

• Only 50% pregnant women receive complete antenatal care.

• 0.7 million infants die during the first 4 weeks of their birth.

Sources: Census 2011, Sample Registration System based estimation, National Family Health Survey 3 (2005-06)

The CRY Approach 

By creating awareness within communities to address maternal, neonatal, child health needs; informing parents about healthcare services; finding solutions to overcome challenges and accessing these services, CRY and its grassroots partners work towards ensuring the local public healthcare and the anganwadi centres have the necessary infrastructure and qualified health workers to provide effective delivery of quality maternal and child health care. 

Our approach include:

• Restart now defunct healthcare centres or demand new ones for the village. 

• Support health workers in providing pre-natal care, adequate food and timely health checkups for pregnant woman. 

• Encourage and educate pregnant woman to stay healthy, so that the vicious cycle of malnourishment gets stalled. 
• Make parents and communities aware about the need for timely immunisation through street plays, women group meetings, posters, wall writings, etc.

• Demand and ensure adequate health workers at Anganwadis i.e. - ASHA workers, Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) workers, Auxiliary Nursing Midwifes (ANM)

• Organise a monthly Mamta Divas/ Motherhood Day to spread awareness about the life saving benefits of immunisation and facilitate checkups for mothers and children.